Addiction And Recovery

When we think about addictions, most minds think of drugs. With that being said, drug addictions are one of the most prevalent in our time. Especially, heroin and opiates. This is a tremendous crisis in today's world. There are key components in obtaining and maintaining sobriety.

The need and/or want to change is the place to commence. Asking for help maybe necessary. Many do not have a positive support system. But there is a wide array of acquiring appropriate help; Doctors, social workers, life coaches, hospitals, detox, rehabilitation centers and support groups. These are to name some outlets. When it comes to reaching out for help, anonymity (meaning your name will remain confidential) should be considered. Many will not seek help if they think their name will become known.

Other factors are; one does not want to leave their family, career, and home. The reality, which, the addicted person may not realize is that while under the influence, their lives as well as their loved ones is far more distressing with them around. The constant panic loved ones endure while the addict is out and about is beyond terrifying. The fear of your loved one dying, overdosing or becoming incarcerated is torture. Due to the above, loved ones may enable the addicted person.

Enabling is an entity on its own. To enable, means to help the addicted. People feel if they provide shelter, food and money amongst other things, they will be able to "save" the person. For example, many will house their loved one so they can keep an eye on them. If they were to overdose, the enabler could possibly save them. This subject has many components, too much to list. An important key to remember is NOT to enable. Of course, easier said than done. A pertinent reason to seek help for yourself in the process. This holds true for all addictions.

Many suffer with other forms of addictions; overeating, hoarding, sex and shopping addictions are amongst several others. The same premise holds true for all addictions, the person and/or persons need to get into recovery.

In recovery, the person addicted as well as loved ones will acquire tools needed to positively move forward. Recovery is a life long process. With many avenues to aid all persons in need once there is abstinence. "One day at a time" as the saying goes. All involved should be extremely proud of any and every goal achieved while enjoying the sober life!

More information at the National Institute of Mental Health

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