If you have felt anxious, on edge, restless and with a negative thought process, you maybe experiencing anxiety. A racing heart, trouble breathing, sweaty palms and many other physical symptoms could be associated with anxiety. This can be extremely debilitating and scary at times.

Anxiety can come in many forms. It can impact one's life in such a dramatic way, that one may not want to do anything in fear of setting off this mental disorder. One needs to realize, there is help! You do not need to suffer.

Seek counseling, there are many different approaches to help guide you through anxiety. The goal is to get rid of these undesired feelings and/or reduce the symptoms. Relaxation techniques and cognitive-behavorial techniques are a couple of approaches with a high success rate, if the individual works at it. While in counseling, some people maybe on medication as well to deal with the symptoms.

Sometimes medications are needed depending upon the situation. I believe herbal remedies to be extremely helpful. It is important to know, you do not have to be on medication for the duration of your life (depending on the situation).

Our world is extremely challenging. Many people endure anxiety. Seek help, it could be life changing and/or saving.
More information at the National Institute of Mental Health

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