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Being a parent or role model will be one of the most rewarding yet challenging relationships you will have in your life. The parent/child bond requires a great amount of love, trust, empathy, sympathy, patience, understanding, and nurturing. Some parents may know more than others and even then it can still be a challenge.

As our children grow up, all of the above remains, but there will be more key components needed in keeping your relationship healthy. Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement will impact your relationship in a great way. Positive reinforcement equates to rewards. Negative reinforcement equates to punishments. The way we deal with these components are critical points in their upbringing.

We hope they take what we have taught them on their journey through life. Unfortunately, for many, that may not be the case and that is where turmoil can come into play. Leaving us to feel like we may have failed our kids. If we have tried our best, it is important to realize their behaviors and or feelings may not be our fault.

Understanding these dynamics are extremely necessary for us to try to maintain a healthy union with our adult children. Boundaries are also a healthy approach in keeping your relationship in tact. I work to help one understand how to apply my brief synapses as I discussed here. But, there is much more to parenting. My goal is to help guide you and apply the needed techniques at the appropriate times to keep your relationship as happy and healthy as can be.

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