Stress Management

Stress is so common in today's world. It appears endless....... all of the areas that one could "stress out" in life. Learning how to manage our stressors, is a major component to one's health. Whether the stress comes from internal aspects (within oneself) or external aspects (within the environment) or both, it can lead to numerous unwanted feelings. Stress can hurt us mentally and physically.

Mentally one can deal with anxiety, depression, loss of concentration and focus. Physical problems can arise with ones pattern of sleep, digestive system and blood pressure, which, can lead to other unnecessary problems. It is so important to eliminate as much stress as possible. And, the good news is, there are several ways to decrease stress!

Relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioral techniques are a couple of ways to reduce the feelings of stress. A good diet and exercise will benefit, even if going for a brief walk. The endocrines in our bodies can promote pleasant emotions while being active. Setting goals, short term and long term goals, can be extremely beneficial as well. Engaging in activities that one enjoys within their lives creates happiness and health. A pleasant attitude, demeanor and patience can create an environment that can foster those around you to be more pleasant. "People, places and things" as the old saying goes.......all of these and more can create stress.

With the proper intervention, one can reduce stress. Implementing needed techniques and maintaining them will decrease one's stress level. Positivity goes a LONG way. Try to incorporate this into your life and see if your stress reduces!

More information at the National Institute of Mental Health

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